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China Honors Generic Pharmaceutical Visionary Peter Werth

In an unexpected reception fit for a king, China based API manufacturing facility, Jinan Jinda Pharmaceutical Chemistry Company, honored President and CEO of ChemWerth, Peter Werth as not only an industry “Pioneer and Mentor” but also as a “Philanthropist and Friend.”

ChemWerth’s story began in 1979 in a one room home office in Connecticut. Peter Werth, at this point, a veteran in the generic pharmaceutical industry, saw an opportunity to produce USFDA quality pharmaceutical ingredients in China following cGMP. At the time, no one thought it was possible. The environment was too complicated and companies didn’t think sourcing quality API from China was realistic. Werth rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He became versed in the local market and worked tirelessly with the factories to get them up to cGMP certified quality. Fast forward 35 year later and sourcing from China is the industry norm.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Jinan Jinda bestowed on ChemWerth’s founder a public dedication, a statue in his likeness and a plaque highlighting his achievements and contributions to Jinda’s and China’s success in the industry. Congratulations Peter on the much deserved recognition!


With over 30 years of experience, our responsibility has always been to helping our customers develop safe products for everyone across the globe with a ‘One World-One Quality’ approach that is the back bone of everything we do, every decision we make; making ChemWerth the ‘One Company’ for your API needs.